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Trump Admin. Seeking $850 Billion Coronavirus Stimulus Package from Congress.

Mairead Mcardle - March 17, 2020 - The National Review


The Preamble promised a government for times of crisis.  But who in our government is best positioned to help? Tension between our branches is par for the course.  The problem is this is no game.

Does the president need Congress to address a national emergency?

What are the political ramifications of stimulus packages like the one being considered?

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How to Destroy a Government: The President is Winning His War on American Institutions

George Packer - April 2020 - The Atlantic

In his fourth year in power, Trump has largely succeeded in making the executive branch work on his personal behalf.  He hasn't done it by figuring out how to operate the bureaucratic levers of power, or by installing leaders with a vision of policy that he shares, or by channeling a popular groundswell into government action.  He's done it by punishing perceived enemies, co-opting craven allies, and driving out career officials of competence and integrity.  The result is a thin layer of political loyalists on top of a cowed bureaucracy...

Don't all presidents try to remake government in their own image?  President Richard Nixon stated: “Americans are fed up with wasteful, muscle‐bound government in Washington and are anxious for a change that works,” and then moved more and more of decision-making inside the White House. What should the lessons be after years and years of presidents who attempt to reform our basic governing institutions?

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Bureaucracy's Yoke.

Richard Brookhiser - April 6, 2020 - The National Review


...Anxious folk, left and libertarian, say the modern state is about bullying and control, and the old DMV Lady epitomized that model.  But isn't it as often friendly?  You want old-age payments, you want to board a plane without a terrorist across the aisle, let's make life easy..."

Consider three (3) bureaucracies you have come into contact with.  Evaluate the experience.

Why is it difficult for bureaucracies to be run like any other business?  Is it fair to compare them to private enterprises?