CitizenU is a political club dedicated to mentoring, tutoring and welcoming those who may be new to "inside the Beltway" stories and talk.  Join the 2 Teachers as they help train a new platoon of young citizens.  Learning about the government and politics is, after all, not a class but a lifestyle.  Here at CitizenU our mission is to "train political animals."  It is never 2 late. There is always room 2B an educated citizen.

Three Branches
Liberties & Rights

It’s time to get schooled, but this time let’s keep it relevant. There are far too many lessons to be learned, and far too many that have been forgotten. No better place or time than to start today. And speaking of today, did you know…


Lord Acton wrote, “If the past has been an obstacle and a burden, knowledge of the past is the safest and surest emancipation.” You have been listening to “PSST it’s PROLOG” with Mr. Review. This liberating podcast is actively digging tons of earth to find an ounce of gold. Just in time.

Looking backwards but living forwards.
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Some of you might be taking a break from school, but that does not mean a break from learning. Mr. Review is springing into action with breaking reviews.  With Mr. Review school is always in session. Look for new episodes with Mr. Review, the 2 Teachers and other helps along the way. We will always be here to make the complex simple and the confusing clear.
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After listening to Mr. Review's SPRING BREAK lessons, check your understanding by plugging in to a new PLAYLIST.  Check your readiness by springing into action with your own breaking review.

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In our long journey toward understanding American government and politics we hesitate to stay "just do it," because soon we will say "did it." Join the 2 Teachers as they take on the role of sherpa and guide you to the heights of the essential redesigned land of AP American Government and Politics.
Unit 1: Foundations
Unit 3: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights


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Here in Chicago we say, "You never let a serious crisis go to waste."  Our crisis is a dramatic redesign to our American Government and Politics curriculum.  The challenge is to take advantage of the opportunity.  Think more than changing your curriculum, join us in changing our classrooms into dynamic learning centers.  Our teacher-centered pedagogy needs to be replaced by a more student-centered podogogy.  CitizenU will be taking this journey.  Follow if you like.  Join us is you can.


We will be posting all of our redesign materials here - FREE.  No Venmo. No hidden fees.  No tricks.  CitizenU has always seen its mission to make a classroom without bricks and mortar.  A classroom for all.  That has not changed.


What should you expect to see as we rebuild this website? We expect our students to be:

SCHOLARS - Read original text messages; Check understanding; Remediate

ARTISANS - Collect essential tools into a personal workshop, Create new meaning

CITIZENS - Demonstrate your learning through meaningful application; Do civics


Little by little more and more will be uploaded.  Let us know what you think. Welcome to the future. 


All UNITS now available.
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Lament Aid Stand

Jay Addison


Under a hot summer sun, sweating while at work, looking for anything cool one could always hope for the sanctuary of the quintessential resting place; a lemonade stand in the horizon.  Coins brought joy to those serving the simple cup.  Nothing refreshed like that cold sip of lemonade amidst the laughter of generations colliding.  Both server and served look forward to this moment of solace.  Today, however, a past filled with polarized, partisan divides cloud our judgments.  Our collisions bring no joy, only damage.  Cups now overflow with anger and sorrow.  Tears have replaced our laughter. 


We offer a small remedy.  We offer our own lament aid stand.


To lament, deep expressions of grief and sorrow, is actually good for us.  Holding in our sentiments confine the body’s natural means of disposing unwanted emotional baggage.  There is a time to weep.  When dealing with life’s ups and downs this lament aid stand contends that it is OK to have feelings of distress, sorrow and trouble.  As we page through our papers and newsfeeds there is much to be troubled by. Regret is on our horizon.  We are here to acknowledge the obvious.  Here is our cup, shed a few tears.


One of our most familiar yarns involves the sentiment that “the sky is falling.”  This tale came to us by way of Chicken Little.  Perhaps it was Henny Penny or Chicken Licken.  The familiar storyline threads a moment in time when hysterical mistaken belief attempts to convince those present that imminent disaster lies ahead.  Though published in English in the mid-19th century, a similar account can be found in most cultures involving different animals going back thousands of years.  The seeds of doom and perilous talk seemingly have been commonplace throughout history.  Find solace in that we have been here before.  It may not be as bad as we think.  Take courage in the fact that the prophet overstated the current condition.  Henny Penny was wrong.  Here is our cup, the heart is heavy but history encourages us to be hopeful.


Most importantly that lemonade stand empowered the faithful to continue on.  A sugar injection provided new energy.  So too does our lament aid stand.  Our lament should not result in inactivity but energize our resolve to do something.  Stand up against your oppressor.  Embolden your advocacy.  Resistance politics here finds it patron saint in Henry David Thoreau.  Called “the apostle of nonconformity,” Thoreau wrote On Civil Disobedience (1849) to alert his neighbors, friends and listeners that current government policy was misguided and ill advised.  Whatever your issue, do the same.  Alert those in your arena of your dismay.  Contact your elected officials.  Write a letter to the editor. Take notice and do something about it.  Do not simply “cry in your beer.”  Thoreau wrote:


“If any think that their influence would be lost there, and their voices no longer afflict the ear of the State, that they would not be as an enemy within its walls, they do not know how much truth is stronger than errors, nor how much more eloquently and effectively he can combat injustice who has experienced a little in his own person. Cast your whole vote, not a strip of paper merely, but your whole influence.”


Do not experience sorrow in vain.  Here is our cup, take a stand.


We were expecting you.  We all sweat from the stress and anxiety of the day.  Welcome to our lament aid stand.  It is appropriate to grieve.  Buck up there is hope ahead.  Take refuge knowing that you can be an agent of change.  William James said, “Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does.”  Time to turn your lament into lament aid.



Government gossip explained in everyday terms.


Learn about the strangest things facing American government and politics with the 2 Teachers . . . each week.

Remember, "mornings are made for coffee and contemplation." What are the strangest things facing our government and politics? Let the 2 Teachers tell you the truth.  "Friends don't lie."


The latest "Strangest Things" episode.

At CitizenU we do not leave "the curiosity door locked." Send us your questions. What American government and politics questions do you have? Ask the 2 Teachers and we will give you a "shout out" on air.  Share with your teachers and classmates.  Hope you like it.  But remember, "you shouldn't like things because people tell you you're supposed to." SEND QUESTIONS HERE

Archive of past "Strangest Things" episodes

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An act of APplied Political Science
A lesson plan in the can from the 2 Teachers
TEN pm NEWS Review
Want to review for the upcoming AP TEST and stay current? Make current events sticky by using this TEN pm NEWS template.
Another lesson plan in the from the 2 Teachers

Tracking the three (3) meta-narratives of American government and politics

  1. An ever-expanding and centralizing national government.  The story of American government is a story of federal aggrandizement.

  2. The increasing democratization of the American polity.  Traditional republicanism and its inherent elitism have increasingly been transformed into a more pluralistic and populist democracy.

  3.  Our motto, E Pluribus Unum, is under siege.  The Unum is ever challenged by our Pluribus.  Partisan politics and an ever-increasing pluralistic culture apply constant tension threatening the foundations of our political efficacy.

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The Wolf of 1600 Pennsylvani Avenue



"With words we govern men."  Disraeli


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